P12 Firmware Release Notes?

I see there is scattered discussion about new P12 firmware (V2.11). Are there any release notes for this firmware? I want to know what it is fixing, adding, improving and whether it is worth my while to crawl into the basement and behind the rack to do this upgrade. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Latest P12 firmware fixed a very minor bug where it wouldn’t save the zone delay settings when using the web interface to adjust them.

Thank you for that. Is there a general place (forums or download pages or …) where PS posts release notes for all their firmware & software updates?

Not anything public, but we do internally. I’ll let engineering know that there is still a high demand for release notes with every update.


James that is a bit bizarre. What is a release note other than a notification to a product’s customers as to what is changing due to the release. Release notes are not pretty, fancy documents that need special arrangements to publish. A crude text document with a bullet list of items would be more than sufficient. The release notes don’t require special distribution arrangements, they could be made available on the same web page as the software as an additional download object.

Release notes are also a benefit to the engineers. If customers know what is fixed, enhanced or dropped, then you’re less likely to get questions like “this firmware didn’t fix…” when maybe the firmware was not supposed to. Or if something was to be fixed but isn’t working for some, you’re more likely to get helpful feedback. Keeping the release content under veil from your customers is a lost opportunity for everyone, customers and engineers.

Please do let engineering know that their customers would like release notes.

I couldn’t agree more. I’ll see what we can do to make all of the release notes widely available. There for a while, we were including them with every update download. I’ll do my best to ensure they are included with the update. Thanks for the advice!

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Here is what I saw on my p12 before and after the update to 2.11.

Info page:
Before: Model is ERR.
After: Model is P12

Web configuration interface
Before: looked and work OK. I use it to configure the name and delays
After: The interface is wrong. It shows P20 interface. However, still be able to put in name and delays (I have uploaded the configuration picture that map the interface to p12 on another related topic days ago.)

As for the “ public” release note. I love to have it.