Firmware updates ..... add information to say when they become live?

Why is there no data as to when a firmware version becomes live?

I’m looking at the P20, with the current version being V1.25.
But as far as I can see there is no information associated with any firmware update to say at what date this became ‘live’ or the latest version.

I think this would be helpful information for us owners.


You can get a clue by looking at the date on the files themselves.

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An email notification would be helpful as well.

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For firmware updates, I’m accustomed to seeing a txt change log documenting the updates/fixes together with the effectivity date of the version in the zip file.


st50maint … I downloaded the current P20 firmware and extracted the files, all showed today’s date?
Correction … the original LOADER unzipped file shows the date of 2019 so you are correct.