First music of the day

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Another cool morning! I’m treasuring these as they will get fewer and fewer in the coming weeks.

Robert Hunter “Tales of the Great Rum-Runners” Rounder Records/Rhino 2 cd set, disc 1

I bought this when it first came out, and I was then a recent Grateful Dead explorer. I loved the cover. . . the record not so much. A lovely gal (in all ways) I then knew liked it a lot so I gave it to her and never replaced it.

I like it a lot more now in this new release, in part because it sounds so good and my system is so different (in important, improved ways) than it was at that time, fifty years ago.

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Phil Woods Quintet “An Affair to Remember” Evidence cd

Alto Saxophone – Phil Woods
Bass – Steve Gilmore
Drums – Bill Goodwin
Piano – Jim McNeely
Trumpet – Brian Lynch

Recorded December 17 & 18, 1993 at Clinton Recording Studio A, N.Y.C.

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I’m listening to disc IV. The rain has died down making that a little easier.

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Kenny Clarke Francy Boland Big Band “Now Hear Our Meanin’”

Merits repeated listening.

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Clandestine Amigo

Have not heard anything about or from Jesica Carson in ages. Is she still with Octave Records?

Tom Harrell “Wise Children” Bluebird cd

A cool morning to cherish and this disc is pulling me into the music. The system is sounding so good!

A great way to kick off the week with Nat KIng Cole Live at the Blue Note Chicago. I had hoped for more open sonics, but these are fine, just a bit closed in. The audience is also having a great time!

Goro Ito and Jacques Morelenbaum “Rendez-vous in Tokyo”


Another beautiful album.

Pharoah Sanders “Ballads with Love” Venus cd

Emily was a real talent. A box set would be great.

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Analogue Prod., 33, stereo version sounds particularly good.

Fred Hersch Silence, nice performance, nice sound on the ECM label.

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Hubert Laws “Laws of Jazz / Flute By-Laws” Rhino cd

Two Atlantic LPs on one cd.

Birthday Boy Chick Corea is on most tracks.

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Enjoying the cool morning even with a dying flashlight. Now the stereo sounding so good.

Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack De Johnette “Changes” ECM CD

From this box set:

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Stan Getz “Unissued Session, Copenhagen 1977” Steeplechase cd

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Waking to heavy rains this Thursday morning.

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