FLAC internet radio streams What the 'flac'?

So listening to my fav internet radio station (radioparadise.com) in the past week I heard founder Bill mention streaming flac. I had seen the iOS app flac setting too. Here was my discovery… enjoy…

"Not sure what all the ‘flac’ is about… heh… ok, so in the past few
days, I could not get flac to work on my iOS RadioParadise app. I just
learned you need iOS 11.x to make it work.

So I upgraded from 10.x…Went
into my closet, pulled out a bankers box full of old hi fi cables etc,
found a pair or RCA monster cable umm, ‘patch cords’ and then looked for
the Audioquest RCA to 3.5mm adapter. Plugged all that into my pre-amp (Wyred 4 Sound, which sends signal to my PWD Gen1 w Bridge II) and iPhone 6sPlus. Booted up the RP app, selected flac, and voila… done.

And, it sure does sound much better than the mp3 quality that RP streamed
from inside vTuner via PS Audio Bridge II on my DAC… I would like to
pull the trigger on Roon, not yet a subscriber. I too, would add, flac
internet radio is a must have feature, just as Tidal and MQA have been.

If I want to elevate this game a bit further, plug my Chord Mojo DAC into
my iPhone, and then the analog output into my pre-amp… No doubt that
should improve over what I am doing right now…to RP team… good job on moving to flac… love it,
next stop for me: Radio Paradise support page!!!"

Note: I wonder if vTuner is considering getting on the flac bandwagon here? thoughts PSA community?


Per Bill, slim chances we’ll get lossless direct link to use via Roon anytime soon, be he is upgrading infrastructure this weekend and he says 320Kb/s stream will improve! It’s not bad now but certainly not lossless.