Radio Paradise now on Apple Car Play

I use the FLAC stream of Radio Paradise for background music quite often. I got in the car this week and noticed it is now on Apple Car Play. This means I now have TIDAL, Spotify, and RP on Car Play for streaming. I know there are other Radio Paradise fans here.

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If there are Radio Paradise fans here they are apparently still in the closet. :slight_smile:

I had never heard of it before your post.

Good to know. RP still sounds sweeter in the SGCD and M700s.

It’s been mentioned before due to FLAC streaming.


Having looked at it, it is of no interest to me.

Good to hear. I’ve been listing to Radio Paradise for years. In addition to their main FLAC stream, they now have mellow, rock and groovy FLAC streams.

Thoughts and prayers going out to those that have very likely lost everything in Paradise. Still streaming though!

I’ve learned via website they’ve moved from Paradise some time ago but are saddened to see they place they called home for so long destroyed in a day.