Florida Audio Expo, February 2023

Worth going without bringing credit card?

Though PSA will not be there.

One thing that helps make this show enjoyable is the fact that the hotel was originally a condominium and its construction is much more solid and acoustically friendly than a purpose built hotel. I’ve found the rooms to generally sound better than one might expect given the dimensions. The most frequent obstacle to good sound one finds is the unfortunate tendency of some exhibitors to crank the volume up far too high for the room size. This year’s show will be the biggest one yet, the show exhibit space is sold out.

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+1 on what Photon said. The rooms are solid - concrete block between each room, and concrete floors. The hotel was built as well to be able to withstand hurricane type occurrences. The rooms sound remarkably decent, by comparison to AXPONA and the old RMAF. However, to date it has not been like these other shows, which have had a large retail presence. The Embassy Suites has a limited number of large conference room type spaces, and to date all have been used for listening rooms. I imagine, though, like any show there are exhibitors who’d like nothing more than to reduce the amount of gear they have to bring back home when the show’s over. :wink:

It’s a good show, and Tampa in February beats most of the rest of the country for nice weather. :grinning:



think I will go, less than 1.5 hour drive, will choose saturday for less highway traffic

$25 single-day ticket

exhibitor list…

See you the akro! An hour and a half? Whereabouts are you? Up closer to Central FL by any chance?