Who's going to the Capital Audio Fest?

Since RMAF bailed out this year, again, I might just head to the free state of Florida and treat myself to a long over due Audio Fest.

Does anyone know if PSA will be exhibiting their new speakers there?

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I plant to attend https://www.capitalaudiofest.com/ in MD.

I thought the CAF was in Rockville Maryland, not Florida?

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You’re correct, my mistake.

Twinbrook Hilton, Rockville Maryland

Just FYI we do have an audio fest here in Florida called The Florida Audio Expo. It’s in Tampa and if not cancelled because of COVID I think it will happen around the February time frame.

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Good to know, might have to plan a trip there as well.

The Florida show is quite good! I’ve been to the two held so far and found it to be actually in some ways better than either RMAF or AXPONA. Better sounding rooms, well laid out. A much more open atmosphere.

I’m still debating CAF.

I’ll be at CAF! Can’t wait.

I will be there also not working for my friend Russell this year so I can enjoy it all

Will Russ have a room?

Yes I think he will have room and maybe records for sale on main floor

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