Focal, and JL Audio

Hoping someone can provide clarity on this.

Does Focal own JL Audio or do they just have a partnership? Really curious about their relationship, present and past.

I’m not aware of any such partnership or relationship between Focal and JL Audio. Focal and Naim however have formed a partnership.

I heard from JL Audio a while back that they are working on floor towers for the Audiophiles… That maybe interesting. I’m sure they will get the bass right that’s for sure.

I am not aware of any partnership either. However the full name for Focal is Focal-JMLab. Most probably that may be the cause of confusion.

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That’s a great point and likely cause of the confusion. Originally only their drivers were sold under the Focal brand and their complete loudspeakers were branded as JMLab.

Okay, thanks for the replies.

I didn’t find this until I dug a little deeper online.

Not aware of a Focal JL Audio partnership but the F112 sub pairs well with my Focal Sopra #1s.


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