REL, SVS or JL...?

Looking for two black gloss subs for around 2500 USD (pair) and got stuck on these three brands:

REL, because Paul talks about them. My “no go” is that they are made in China. Another “no go” is the fixed 0 or 180 phase switch. UK based company pretending there USA. Weird…?

SVS, Bigger driver, visibly crappy electronics. Variable phase.

JL Audio, same as SVS.


You are going to get a lot of replies but I went with a pair SVS 3000’s It seems like they were $1000.00 or so each. No regrets here,
JL Audio is a good choice too.


Thank you sir…! Any particular reason for not a REL…? It’s the exact same thing on my short list by the way… :slight_smile:

SVS and REL are apparently both made in China.

Thanks Brett for looking that up for me…

I would kill for a reason to buy a pair of REL S812 subs. Oh my goodness. But the REL subs I have now make easy for me to ignore that other companies make subwoofers.

Very happy owner of a pair of RELs here, I was not prepared for the improvement they gave to my system.

Not to mention they look great and have a high WAF.

Rythmik F12SE’s. I have two pair one piano black and one matte black. $2100 for the pair.

I just couldn’t make myself pay that much for a plate amped sub. Rel’s get rave reviews but for me they were just too much money. Lots of people swear by them though.
I did look at the Rythmik 12’s and they seemed like a good choice too but I had communication problems with them. They would not return emails or calls in any kind of a timely manner.
The people at SVS were very accommodating and informative.
I have had JL Audio subs in an automobile and they were killer in that setting. No reason to think they wouldn’t be the same at home.

I got ya… Thx…!

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I’ve been looking at the FM8’s. I emailed them whether they ship to The Netherlands. Waiting for an answer…

Thanks, I emailed Rythmik a few moments ago about the FM8’s. Let’s see if the comms are improved…

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Hey Baldy… Rythmik replied within 1 hour… Not to bad…

I bought my two pair of F12’s over the space of 18 months and always received a response withing 8 hours at the outside. They have also answered my calls. They are a small company with a stellar reputation. The majority of my responses have been from Brian himself or the rest from the sales manager.

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I agree, I am talking to one Enrico from tech support. Figuring out shipping to Netherlands by UPS or DHL.


Brian no longer ships complete subs outside the US, only the kits. You can also buy the subs through Ascend Acoustics and they ship internationally but there are apparently a lot of current restrictions on packages from the US coming into certain parts of the EU. They do have a list of international distributors.

Glad Enrico is helping you out.

Let’s see how far we get. I like the numbers on those FM8’s.
REL is of the list already since there’s no stock available in Europe. That’s obvious since there’s almost no shipping from China… Hence the no go… :slight_smile:

I have a pair of Rythmik’s L12, their smallest sealed unit. I had one amp die within a few weeks, it was replaced promptly. This was 3 years ago, no issues since. Very pleased with the performance.

Enrico is Italian I believe and there can be a language barrier but he knows his stuff and if he doesn’t know the answer he’ll get it from Brian Ding, the designer/principal. I believe it’s just the two of them running the whole show.

I can also vouch for David Fabrikant at Ascend Acoustics. Great to talk with in person or on the phone. I have his Sierra-2 in my shop.