Focus Fidelity Software for Roon DSP - works great

I bought both the measuring and correction software from Focus Fidelity for $250 a few months back. I did this as last time I paid someone about $400 to do this work. Figured with the amount of changes I do it would be worth the investment for me to do it. I bought the UMIK-2 mic from our friends at Minidsp and off I went.

My room has a horrible bass peak that makes some tracks awful. And yes I have tried moving speakers to every and the limited placement options (width, low ceiling, screen) that hump just moves around but never goes away.

I ran their software and after fumbling around and thinking I needed to make 8 measurements for each rate, I realized you only need to do one and it interpolates the rest. After that it went pretty fast. I did the first run on the full 20-20k hz range but then did another to only 5k after reading up a bit and just let the speaker do its thing above that. After all that is why I got the Sopras, their Be tweeter.

The below graph is the output for the 20-20k fix curve. But you can see it tamed my room quite well in the bass and mid range. Very happy with the small investment. Sound so much better now and if I make changes it pretty easy to run again. I just accepted all the defaults but changed the range to only cover 20-5khz which many tuners recommend as best practice.

I realize I could do this with REW for free, but wanted something that was easier to use. If it was more expensive I probably would have gone REW but for $250 I figured it was worth a try after a few people told me they used it.


Looks like it fixed the peaks. Are you able to tailor a house curve for preferences in the software?

Yeah there are a bunch of settings I really don’t understand so I left alone. I just stopped the high limit at 5k and called it a day as it did exactly what I needed.

I would suggest going no higher than the Schroeder frequency. Typically between 300-500 Hz.
Free to try.
My current settings are only for 20-90Hz adjustment

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I go some nasty peaks after 500 and under 2k.

I would still suggest trying. I looked at your response and you should be able to try 800hz down for convolution filter. Try it and save it and then you can turn on and off your filter and a lower one to compare in Roon.

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