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The Bridge doesn’t support DSD128 (nor 352.8k PCM). The USB and I2S inputs do support DSD128 and 352.8k PCM.



Thank for your info.
I do understand Bridge II support DSD64 & USB support DSD128 max.

I insist to use Bridge because SQ is better than usb from my point of view.
For bridge with foobar, I used “DSD Processor” component" to downsample 128 to 64.


Try uninstalling and deleting all Foobar components… all folders etc. Reinstall clean… Do not add in any components and start completely fresh. Run some tests using low rez files, and then build from there.

You may have some conflicts in there from adding and removing components.

Make NO ASSUMPTIONS… identifying bugs is an art and almost always, in my experience, I had a foundational assumption that is wrong.

Bruce in Philly


As Bruce says a clean installation may help. When you follow the “foobar2000 for Dummies” be sure to pay careful attention to the version numbers: some of the foo_input_sacd versions have bugs that can be a big pain in the neck to run down. I haven’t personally used any of foo_input_sacd versions that have a DSD resampler with the bridge, but I don’t know why it couldn’t work.


Thank @tedsmith for your wise advice.
Before asking for help here, I personally tried 3 different PCs that I own to cross-check but same result.
With my current set up, I have no problem to play:

  • PCM (both Bridge2 & Usb).
  • DSD64 originally (both Bridge2 & Usb).
  • DSD128 originally by Usb.
  • Upsampling PCM 44.1 to DSD64 (both Bridge2 & Usb).
    The ONLY problem I faced is playing DSD128/DSD256 (used Foobar DSD Processor component to down sampling DSD64 to meet Bridge spec), foobar stops after first track (if next track are also DSD128/256).
    I tried to make playlist with first track of DSD128/256 & then next track is DSD64, it work perfectly, no issue.
    I tried Jriver & Roon (with no problem) but SQ is not much better comparing to Foobar. Foobar is first priority as it sound good & free.