Need help setting up foobar for Bridge

I decided to ask for help from my friends here instead of going to the foobar forum. I’m figuring someone here must have already figured out how to do this with the Bridge.

Actually I’m most of the way there. I installed foobar, the UPnP/DLNA renderer, and the Super Audio CD Decoder on my PC. I picked PerfectWave DAC as the UPnP Controller and selected a test folder from Media Library / Music Folders. When I go the Library / Album List I can see the music in the folder I selected. When I start BubbleUPnP on my Android I can see and select the foobar media server. The problem is when I go to the BubbleUPnP Library there’s nothing there. I don’t want to use foobar as a PC-local music playback program; I just want to use it as a UPnP/DLNA server of my music library to the DS. Seems I’m missing a trick somewhere.

I don’t have the bridge, I’m running USB via Foobar, but have you looked for guides via google searches? I found this, I’m not sure if it’s helpful at all.

I don’t know anything about BubbleUPnP but if you go this route you will not get gapless play on the Bridge, which is the main reason I use foobar. For that you need to use the foo_out plug-in. I wouldn’t think the SACD component would do anything unless foobar is the player and, as noted elsewhere, it doesn’t work with the Bridge (at least I believe that is the case even when not using foo_out). I’ve always thought that you needed a server, a player and a renderer, as well as a control point if you are not playing from the PC. You’ve got the server (foobar UPnP), the renderer (DS) and control point (Bubble UPnP), but if you are only using foobar as the UPnP server then what is your player? I also have to admit I don’t really understand how all this stuff is supposed to work so I could be completely off base.

Thanks LR. The stuff in this video is all done. What’s not obvious is just how to get the foobar media server linked to by Android via UPnP to actually show my Library. I must not have the Library settings set up correctly in foobar.

Contrary to what I said earlier I think you have all the components you need (at least to play PCM–still don’t think you’ll get DSD over the Bridge with foobar as the server). It sounds like a library issue of some sort. I opened Plug Player (which I don’t normally use) and was able to select the DS using foobar as the music server so what you’re trying to do should be possible.

I’m using BubbleUPnP. The guy who created this app wrote the UPnP/DLNA driver for foobar!sad_gif I can pick the DS, pick foobar as the media server both in BubbleUPnP but no music. What else do I need to do besides this?


Weird. I got it to work, but only after I set up the main foobar display window to show the contents of my library. As soon as I did that it showed up in BubbleUPnP.sorry_gif