DirectStream Bridge with Foobar2000?

I need some help with Foobar2000 and getting it to work with the Bridge. I must be missing a component or setting somewhere, but I just can’t get it to go. I’ve read several guides that show how to get it setup on other, similar network devices, but I’m stumped.

Who’s got Foobar2000 working with their DS Bridge (or Bridge II) that might want to send me some suggestions?

I’ve had the Bridge working with MinimServer, so I know it works, I’d just really like to be able to switch between USB and Network in Foobar - this would open up a lot more options for me.

Thanks in Advance!

Do you have the uPnp plugin loaded?


foobar.pngYou need both foo_upnp and foo_out_upnp installed, perhaps also foo_out_asio. There is lots of good advice here that deals specifically with playing DSD over foobar. It also takes a little mental adjustment, since after you set up UPnP to play with foobar, you get two completely separate controls – the native foobar selection/playback window, and other windows for UPnP browser and UPnP playback cue. See screenshot.

Edit: obviously I meant “playback queue.” facepalm-smiley-emoticon_gif

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Thanks for the tips guys - I’ll check all those settings when I get home tonight. It’s a long 3 hour drive home, so I’m looking forward to listening to my DS and unwinding.

Got home late - loaded all the components you mentioned and I stumbled into getting it working. This is super clunky and I’ve lost gapless playback. There has to be a smoother way to switch from USB to Bridge in Foobar2000. I’ve gotten USB working just the way I want it, and now I intoduce upnp and it’s clunky all over again…Bleh.

Did you check the box for gapless under Preferences/UPnP/how-is-ted-coding-the-fpgaroller?

Assuming that solves your gapless issue: the interface for foobar won’t win any prizes (but hey, it’s free and it actually works). You can customize the screen in all kinds of ways; there are some predefined layouts available or you can arrange things to suit yourself.

No, I didn’t see the gapless setting.

I’m going to take some screen caps and post them later tonight - Maybe you can help me dial this in. I do like Foobar, and I get how techy it is and I can roll with it - but these UPnP components aren’t integrating well. It could simply be I’m missing settings or flubbing it up. So I really appreciate your suggestions Magister.