Food for Thought: "The Case for Listening to Complete Discographies"


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Agreed. I’ve been trying to set aside time to do something similar, partly as an antidote to my playlists snd musical inertia. It’s given me a renewed focus on music over gear, and I’m trying not yo buy anything new until I’ve listened to a substantial list of things s as l ready in my library. Everything from Miles Davis, every recording I own of Mahler 9, the complete Lake Street Dive…

Ah, a wonderful symphony! That and Mahler’s 5th (conducted by Barbirolli) are my favorites.


Interesting piece. Not at all sure I follow the author’s gist. Except inasmuch as a late ThirtySomething has a very different relationship to music than old farts like myself. Understandable, given the ch-ch-ch-ch Changes.

So if we do what he’s doing, I guess we’re like the current-day version of Classical Music fans. Lovers of 300-year-old Cover Bands.

Excellent insight/consideration…