* friends my search is over *

Good night there :new_moon_with_face:

I want to tell you that my music search is over!

What about you?

I mean i dont need and want to buy new music no more;

because i have all the music i need, in fact i begun now to throw away music that i dont like so much or just keep the tracks i like! very few albums i have complete cd, cassette or digital, one of the albums i have most complete cds that i like all the tracks are the Mozart box set;

Mozart music is like no other also others like Louis armstrong and Chopin etc

Now my search is most haunting for the same music but in cassette or dsd 128 or dsd 256 if possible, dsd 515 i feel is not there yet and i dont know if it really is a big difference from dsd 256; i dont know also if 1024 is really possible;

Any way i feel like free that i dont have more music to search, i am more old school, all my music is almost from the 90 down, belive or not more i goes down in years, more like it; i guess my early music is Mozart and and some chants from Ensemble Organum.

Now is the task to archive this music before it gets lost;

meaning writing down (big task) and organised, i have one big external harddrive, so i should get another, soon maybe dsd so i can have it all the life…



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sir this is an Arby’s


what´s that?

It’s a fast food joint.

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I will never end my search for music. Not til I end.


I don’t even get the concept.


I’ll stop searching for music like I’ll stop learning.

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A buddy is very content in listening to the same few jazz albums. Cool as rain, of course, just hyper-focused on maybe 10 jazz masterpieces. I can really appreciate this without relating personally.

My tastes are at least vast, and perhaps too scattered. Keeps it interesting.


is about to feel fine inside, for example i now begun to deleted and throw away music, cd, kassette etc that i dont like, because it feel i have to much music, FEWER better;

is not so i just listen what i have only, because almost everyday i listen to radio in my kitchen, so always feel good to hear something new, but never gets my attention to buy it because my favorites songs albums etc are better :grin:

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