Found an HDMI audio extractor to use 2 channel system for home theater L-R

I had been looking for an audio extractor that would let me send my home theater preamp L -R channels to my MKII dac to decode and send to L and Right speakers, instead of my home theater L-R. (Using coax)

The factory confirmed it would work in case anyone else is looking to do the same. A little over $100.

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I bought two similar devices, and then lost interest in using them. If I have it on Blu-Ray it is stuck there. I don’t care. But I am interested in how and what you use it for. Do tell!

I bought this two years ago:

Of course I spent $600 on a proper power supply and cable for it.

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I bought a much cheaper version to extract the audio info from an old Apple TV unit from HDMI to coaxial to pipe into my OG DSD DAC. Works just fine.

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I used one to get DSD off a SACD to my DAC that did not have the SACD player connection. It worked. Then I learned how to rip SACDs and put dsf files on NAS and have not looked back. Much easier.

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I had seen these devices but thought they did a downmix instead of extract just the L and R channels. Sometimes I’d like to be able to watch a movie or 5.1 concert and have my main system play L R rather than the home theater LR.

For anyone that’s done this into their DS, is there a delay that has to be compensated for in the home theater processor?

On my system, no. (Digital into and analog out of an Oppo UDP-205).