FR20 Early Reveal


I’ll have to continue watching from the sidelines until something like an FR05 is available but am pleased to see the progression.


Looks like 2023 is shaping up to be special: FR20, AirLens, DSD MkII, BHK 600…and perhaps some new Octave Records magic! :musical_score: :notes: :notes: :notes: :notes: :notes:

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Thanks for posting @Baldy
Time to start saving pennies again

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@Paul said you weren’t supposed to share this Vern! Lol

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It’s only between you and me. :laughing:


Lol, You and me both!

Well, they look essentially like I thought they would. Interesting that Paul said Chris had been listening to them, yet the tweeters appear to have been removed (note the wires sticking out below the midrange). Still wondering how much they will be, last “guess” was around $20k. If there is a beta list forming I’ll raise my hand … me. me, me. :raised_hand: Now, how do I keep the cat from clawing them …

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So…Chris listened then pulled the tweeters and Paul shot the vid? What’s the issue? Pulling a tweeter for whatever reason is about as complicated as tying your shoelaces and takes only slightly longer.

Or…perhaps…wait for it…there’s another pair of FR20!


Well, it isn’t particularly flattering that they are laying on their sides with wires coming out where the tweeters should be … Actually it was just an observation and given these are the same tweeters as the FR30 why did he do it? Nothing more.

Perhaps tweeters have never been in those two cabinets.

Perhaps, Paul said Chris had been listening to them; given your hypothesis the tweeters would have come from local PS Audio stock. Probably not important, but I stick with my observation!

They’re just development mules. They’ll get beat up and banged around.

The tweeter could have been pulled for any number of reasons. Playing around with crossover components and accidentally blew it. Trying a slightly different angle bevel around it. Trying a different spec tweeter. Etc, etc.

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Paul did call them prototype and he did warn about seeing sausage being made. Speakers have to go through development stages, as does food, humans and just about everything else. If that freaks you out, stay home.

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I’m probably in the minority in thinking the FR speakers are extremely unpleasant to look at.

Anything that starts to look like a Star Trek space ship gets a thumbs down in my book.

Those are probably exactly what you’d expect a new prototype speaker to look like at this early stage. Of course they aren’t going to look finished and they’re going to look a little rough but those look pretty close

Geez … sorry to offend.

Just as an FYI you should see some of the automotive prototypes in this stage of development.
We did some work on a car that had 4 different corners on the body (2 different front fenders and 2 different quarter panels) and 3 different types of interior panels.


Looks like plenty of space left for another woofer :). I vote for 3 woofers instead of 2 :smiley: