My last pair of speakers? Probably!

I am one of the very privileged to get one of the first pairs of the FR 30 speakers. I have had them playing almost non-stop for a little over a week. I can tell you that they are the most revealing speakers I have owned. There are subtle details that I had not heard before. The bass is where I am especially excited about, it has texture to it that I had not experienced before.
These are truly a great speaker that Chris and the team has come up with.


Congratulations and Welcome to the forum! Do you have any pics?


Welcome, @folgerman !

Just a couple of pics of the day they were delivered and Paul and Chris came out and set them up. It was one really good day for me!


OP, what speakers have you previously owned?

Gotta’ love it when a plan comes together! Very nice looking setup.

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My other speakers included Aerial Acoustics, Dali Megalines, and Rockport Avior 1’s.

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Very nice indeed. But at some point, some of us need to know about all your lovely guitars----said one audiophile, guitar nut to another…
There are lots of musicians on this forum. I think there’s a musical instruments thread around here somewhere.


Congrats and welcome to the family/forum.


Are you using the REL’s with 2 channel?

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Congratulations! I’d love to hear this in that room.

Was there no need to get accustomed to a new and different tonality? Are the new ones very similar in this regard to your previous ones?

But as your room is quite damped, I guess it’s not so critical and the different effect of the less directional previous tweeter wasn’t so big.

I am using them for the lowest frequencies in my 2 channel system and for the Home Theater system also.


Say, that room looks awful familiar … Congratulations! Very nice room, wish I had that much space. Has there been much change in the sound as they break in? Do the cheap seats in the back have a clear view of the screen? I ask since the speakers are pretty close together.

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Congrats on the speakers!!! They look fantastic!
And congrats on the visit by Paul and Chris!

First off… Congratulations! What a fantastic setup. Between the gear and having Paul and Chris there, that must have been a great day.

It may be the angle the video and stills were taken, but it looks like your film screen is a little blocked off-axis. If so, will you be moving the speakers further apart?

We don’t really chat much about Home Theater on the forum. It’s nice to see an awesome blend of two and multi-channel.

Congrats and welcome! How are the speakers with the REL subs?

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I hope it takes.
I am on my third pair of the last speakers I’ll ever buy. Later this month I will have an audience with a pair of MBL Extremes and it will be up to me what to play.

I am fearful.

I also daydream when I look at these:

Both sets cost over $350k so I think I am safe.
I think you are safe too! Enjoy those wonderful speakers!!!
Both are called Extremes. The black section on the above speakers are motorized so just before it strikes you dead it’s rises up like a Cobra, or a Dragon.


Al, new avatar? I love it!

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What a pleasure to have been let into your home, Jim. This was fun and a great experience for us all. Welcome to the forums!