FR20 Early Reveal

I just heard the FR 30 at the excellent Mala Audio here in Norway, and my jaw dropped. It was one of those “WTF is that?” moments, pardon my french. The way those speakers grabbed your attention was something else. Probably the most impressive speakers I have heard, also compared to much more expensive offerings. They didn’t seem to be super dependent on room treatment either to sound good since the room they played in weren’t treated much yet - but it was a fairly large room. Though they looked a bit too big for my listening room, especially being in Europe where our listening rooms/houses are a bit smaller compared to the US typically, so I am hopefully looking forward to try out the FR20s. I usually don’t buy into hyperbole but well done Chris, Paul and rest of the PS Audio team. I hope you continue to bring out products down the line so many people can enjoy your offerings.