FR30 active speaker monitors

At Octave Studios we needed a pair of near-field monitors in the control room. Because we use the FR30s to mix the music we wanted those nearfield monitors to be as close, sonically, as possible to the FR30s.

Enter our hero, PS Audio speaker designer, Chris Brunhaver. Chris was charged with creating just what we needed in the Octave Studio control room.

Have a look. We repurposed an older prototype of the FR30 into a wonderful sounding active near-field monitor that gives us everything we need to make great recordings and setup microphones.


I am jealous.

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On the one hand you mentioned those active monitors are “quad-amped” with Hypex modules, and then you go on to say “you’re gonna wanna have Class A/B sweet sounding Amps for the tweeter and mid-range”…

But Hypex modules are Class D! So, what gives?? Are your tweeter and mid-range driven by Hypex modules or not? And if not, what are they?

You might want to re-listen. To me, it was pretty clear Paul was talking about how he would go about building active speakers in a new product line and, in my words, they just threw these together with, more or less, what they had laying around or easy access to.

Paul has a long stated - an outdated, or nearly outdated (IMO) - opinion that “Class D” amps should be relegated to low frequency drivers.


At the 2:45 minute mark…“As far as active speakers in general, I don’t want to be misunderstood…”
and then he goes on to explain
At the 3 minute mark…“If you’re going to do an active speaker…”
and then continues to explain


It’s a simple enough question, (channeling Camille Vasquez); Are the tweeter and mid-range on these FR30 Actives driven by Hypex modules? A simple yes or no will do.