The Intellectual People Podcast - Chris Brunhaver (PS Audio)

It was great to have @Chris_Brunhaver join!


Thanks for having me!


Chris I have a question about the FR30s I don’t think has been asked before. Each pair of 8" speakers are coupled with a scult out in the cabinet. That seems to join the top pair and the bottom pair for some reason. Why? Is it accoustical?

This contour doesn’t serve and acoustic function on the 8" woofers and is a cosmetic/industrial design element. However, the contour around the midrange and tweeter definitely do impact the response and are integral to the acoustic design.

Hi Chris,
I enjoyed your podcast, it was really cool to hear your thoughts and perspective concerning what you are trying to accomplish with the Aspen series of loudspeakers. If I get a vote, please peruse the active solution for the “down stream” series of Aspen speakers. In my mind you will be speaking to a different group of folks, those who prefer options not possible with a passive loudspeaker. Those who wish to use DSP with an app to adjust the speaker to their respective acoustic environment and to adjust the sonic’s to their particular taste. Just my 2c worth.