FR30 internal bracing

Several of you have asked to see what’s inside the cabinet for bracing on the FR30. I asked its designer, Chris, to send me a CAD drawing so you could see the complex maze of internal braces that keep the cabinet quiet.

I apologize for the quality of this drawing but for the moment it’s all I have. It’s a wireframe. We will work on getting some slicker looking 3d models so you can see.


Great Paul,
thanks for sharing that.

Just a thought though…
Keep half an eye open (having been affected by this in the past) towards IP theft online?

Sure you know this, but just putting it out there as even the wireframe JPEG of the CAD model gives a lot away.
Don’t go into TOO much detail at the outset?

3D renders will be cool to see. :+1:

There isn’t any rocket science in bracing. Resonances are easily calculated based on the dimensions of a panel. Proper bracing is in turn easily calculated off of that.

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Looks like a very well hashed out design. And from the videos it looks like your team hit a home run.Congrats!