Freebie 4-40 SS stand-offs


I purchased 8 feet of 18-8 (non-magnetic) stainless steel all-thread to make my own stand-offs for internal DirectStream access. It only cost a few bucks and rather than keep it around I’ve decided to make it available to anyone wanting a set of 4 at no charge. PM me for address then send a SASE business size envelope and I’ll get them off to you. Sadly I can only make this available to US and will limit offer to 1 set (4ea) per person/address. Maximum of 11 sets as that’s all I have and no plans for making more so 1st-come/1st-served.

Since these are extremely hard to come by even as screws on a local basis I would encourage people to use these then pass them on via the same SASE method I’m offering. Even those that received them in an upgrade kit could do this with theirs. I know when I was looking for these people told me; “Home Depot has em.” Well, that’s true, you can order them from Home Depot. But you cannot go into any US Home Depot and find them as #6 machine screws are the smallest they stock in US stores. Once you’ve done your DS internal project please offer these to someone who may want/need do an internal DirectStream project… “pay it forward.”

These are 1.8545" in length which I found a little easier to work with providing slightly greater separation between top and base. These are “dressed” at both ends and can be used interchangeably end-to-end. The ones I’m keeping are actually 1.875" end-to-end but that would have reduced the number I’m making available had I followed that protocol. The factory ones as I understand it are 1.500" length.

To right is a pic of what will be sent (minus the caliper of course)DSC00420.jpg:


I don’ need a set myself but that’s very generous of you.