Update: Photo of Free 3/8" Speaker Spikes posted


I though this would be a 10 minute Google project - but no. Tried Eadensound (pass), Mapleshade (definitely pass), and Audio Points from StarTechnology are in production.

Just simple solid brass 8mm threaded spikes - how hard can that be?


he he sounds like you are a potential Stillpoints victim.

Call Paul Wakim [ industry accommodation is your friend].



Talked to the President of the company (name withheld). You know how much those damn things are even at industry pricing? I am looking for 8 feet to support the VSA VR5 Anni’s - not new speakers. Was this your little joke on me? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, this is in german language

Something like this?


birddogthecat said: Was this your little joke on me?

No joke.
Been over 10 years since I spoke with Paul so doubt I could get a deal any more.
I did sell Stillpoints years ago and always found that starting with the speakers made the biggest difference.
Compared to mid range alternatives they are always miles ahead IMHO.
If you calculate the cost and probable resale value [to your heirs] then they might make more sense.
I would give them a try and at least they will set a standard, even if you return them.
I have been considering 8 of them but waiting for a deal.



Don’t know Paul - just Bruce. Are you aware that their newest feet retail at $700.00 each? Anyway, he is sending Bob a set of 8 Ultra SS with M8 threads to tryout [stillpoints.us/ultrassa.html]. If Bob decides to become a dealer, I will make sure you are taken care of.

It’s all your fault anyway! :))



Very cool.


So the VS’s have M8 females in the base? I think that I can convert any of the brass spikes from Parts Express from M6 to M8 for you. Which profile and finish do you prefer?


birddogthecat said: It's all your fault anyway! :))

Sorry sir.
I know they are way over priced but they do work the best that I know of.
I think they are especially helpful under speakers since a very good rack usually takes care of the front end.
I have looked for years for industrial models that would do the same but have yet to find anything.
They make industrial stuff for microscope mounting and the like so there must be something more sane out there.


@wglenn I did not know you had skills! :slight_smile: Let’s see how things progress with @Gordon’s Stillpoints Ultra SS project first.

Notice how I blame @Gordon for getting me into trouble with Bob…which is sure to happen as soon as he opens the shipping carton at the shop. Hope I am away on that day.

Thank you for the offer. Yes, the VR5 Anni’s are M8…for reasons that surpass all understanding. Naturally, I have plenty of 3/8th thread spikes laying around here & at the shop.


Did you try contacting Albert at VSA?


@woot yes, Albert, Devon (son), & Leif the VSA engineer. But for Leif, I know them personally.

The spikes VSA includes retail for about $10.00 for a 4 pack.

If anyone needs 3/8 spikes (I have plenty) I will be glad to ship them to you for just ship costs.


why don’t you guys go to a machine shop . have them made to exacting spec,s . or find a m8 to 3/8 coupling made. this is a speaker spike right, brass I guess??


I have attached a photo of the free speaker spikes that I am offering for $5.00 USPS Postage to CONUS. They are 3/8" -16. I have 2 packs of 4 = 8 Total

Condition: NIB

One Forum member expressed an interest in 4 but I have not heard back. At this time All 8 are available. They are nothing special. Came free with a set of VSA Speakers I had before I moved up to the Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary Mk II which are 8MM.

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Very generous and kind of you!