DirectStream Fuse Size

Looking to replace the fuse in my DS as it will no longer turn on. What are the exact size/type I need to get for this?

  • Josh

5 x 20mm, 1A, Slow Blow. New fuse should do the trick.

Does voltage matter?

It’s 250V but the slow blow and amps is way more important.

Whilst on the subject, can I ask,

Whats the diameter of the allthread scews needed to open up the DS?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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You only need to undo the black screws on the bottom of the device, of which there should be 4, if I remember correctly. The lid can be difficult to remove. I use a glass fitters suction device. They’re cheap and effective. Easily found on Amazon.

4-40 x 1.5. Watchdog is right, you only need to undo the 4 screws. I see our production guys use the suction cups a lot.

Thanks guys,

so…no need for allthreads as per the DS board video:
Just undo black screws from bottom and suction cup that sucker off?


You bet. I think we used the all threads because they’re much smaller to put within the upgrade kit and probably a good bit cheaper as well. Both get the job done well.

So what is actually holding the cover on? The four screws?

That’s correct.

How do they hold the cover on from the bottom plate?

There are 2 bent metal sheets that have a right angled bend with 4 drilled holes.

So the sheets are attached to the top cover? I presume the sheets would also be removed with the cover then?

Yes, the steel plate makes a crescent shape with right angles, and then the piano is attached to the plate.

Perhaps someone will be kind enough to post a picture. :slight_smile:

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Ok cool…Thanks guys,very informative. I tried the all thread once and bent them shoving down. The four screws way seems way better…:grin:

Watch this video.


Thanks much Ron…

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Just be careful or the lacquered black top will separate from the metal base. It can be pressed back on but it’s never quite the same. I think the 4-40 all thread is better at avoiding this and the assembly comes off with no undue suction on the black lacquered particle board.

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