Frequency cap on PS Audio Google/YouTube Ads

Quick tip: PS Audio could save some marketing spend by putting a tighter frequency cap on the Google/YouTube display and video advertisements :slight_smile:

Like many, PS Audio uses targeting and/or re-targeting on the Google Ads network and YouTube, showing ads to people who visited their website and/or meet Google Ads targeting groups. I visit both the PS Audio site a lot as well as Youtube regularly, so I get to see the PS Audio ad a whole lot. But showing it to me 25 times in a week is not going to be helpful for you, so you might want to save some marketing money and set a lower cap. You also might want to suppress frequent forum users - they don’t need convincing. Anyway, your digital marketer or agency will know how to do all this.

I’d rather have you spend the money on designing more cool gear :-). Funny ad by the way.

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