Jay and Aspen speakers

perhaps people hate him, but near end of video, about 8 minute mark, he gets to FR20/30. Says they sound good but cannot give a useful review because of show limitations and not listening to in a home environment or his own lab…fair commentary

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though would like to be in the room for Magico M7 vs Aspen FR30

useful video from Paul today; the competition is internal to PSA

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I really, really, really like the FR20, really


PSA should invite Jay to spend the day with Paul listening to the big rig…Could be interesting.

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I thought it’s basically an open invitation. PS Audio been giving tours again for a while now. I think Jay just need to show up :slight_smile:

That would be a good one to watch, although I don’t think Jae is very fond of the PSA regenerators.

he is a poor man

as for PSA regenerators, they probably don’t cost enough for him

Well in his defense I went from P15 to Puritan and saved money in the process as well as getting imo a better sounding power cleaner unit. The P15 limits dynamics of the amp. But yeah compares to his Stormtank…

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