PS Audio Targeted Web Advertising

A few minutes ago, I navigated to the CNN home page and saw this at the top of the page:

Surprised, I clicked on the small blue triangle in the upper-right-hand corner of the Sprout100 ad and discovered that I was slated to receive targeted web ads from 135 companies (presumably including PS Audio). I opted out of all of these en masse. After opting out of the targeted advertisements, I saw the following at the top of the CNN home page (with no blue triangle and seemingly no ability to opt out):

What is the moral of this story? I am not entirely sure, but clearly PS Audio’s targeted web advertising is working.

Been getting those since it came out.

I just got a new Window 10 PC and have not yet installed an ad blocker in my browser, which might explain why I had not seen PS Audio web ads previously.

I’m using ad blockers like Adguard for years…I don’t even know what ads are anymore :wink: Completely avoidable…

I just installed the Adblock Plus extension in my Windows 10 web browser – which I had on my prior Windows 7 PC – and navigated back to . . .

With the windows program Adguard it looks like this:

Interesting . . . at 1:50 PM ET with Adblock Plus, the “U.S.” Edition of the CNN homepage looks like this on my screen . . . (if I switch to the “International” Edition, it looks like your screenshot):

I’ve been using Fair AdBlocker on my Google Chrome browser for about a year now and it works perfectly.

One of the forums that I go on that started having a billion stupid ads load up after some kind of major server upgrade they did. It was ridiculous. No exaggeration, about 30-40 ads would load with every page and it would take well over 30+ seconds to a minute to load each page.

After adding this extension in Google Chrome, I no longer have any issues with that forum.

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Nothing wrong here…

I would suggest that the more you spend on a PC or laptop, the more ADs you will get. :smile:

(lots of unnecessary words)
Adblocker has been said by those in the know to be evil and counterproductive.
uBlock Origin is said to be the safe, intelligent way to go.
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I’ve bought one of these:

It’s configurable for ad blocking, DNS encrypting, and other things.

It gets installed between the modem and router and takes care of business silently in the background.

My modem is my router, how do you install something in this case?

For a combo modem/router installation you need to connect the Syfer to a LAN port of the modem/router, and then connect the other end of the Syfer to the WAN port of a second router. This 2nd router becomes the primary router for the network.

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