Frustrated with slow email response- have hum/buzz

Recently added BHK 300s and BHK preamp to add to my DS dac. When I corresponded with PS audio during my purchase decision, I got immediate responses. Now that i have my new equipment and some issues, I do not receive a response to my emails. It is as if they are waiting for my 30 day return to expire. The issues my be in my ‘set up’ and not the equipment, but it would be nice to get a timely response. Even if that response was to extend my return period, while they address my issues. Paul says we are a family, well I am not feeling it right now.

How are you contacting them, what method?

PSA has the most relaxed 30-day free trial of anyone I know. Contact Jamesh and you’ll be good tp go.


Have you called them?

I have been using email. I felt that would give them a little more time to research my problem, then a real time phone call.

I would just phone up, I doubt it will take much research, they’ll probably have a set of suggestions related to where the issue stems from.

If you tell us what your issues are maybe one of us can help you.


Sorry to hear responses have been slow. There really isn’t an excuse for that. If you’d like, feel free to send me an email and I’ll get you in the right hands. Giving our team a buzz is always a good option as well.


BHK300 connected only to power(dedicated line, ps audio outlet and AC5 power cable) with speaker(Focal Kanta 2) getting slight hum/buzz in tweeter and midrange. May be inherent to amp or my electric, but very minor and not a big issue. Connect BHK preamp to BHK amp using XLR cable. Turning up volume on preamp (the 0-100) and the ‘white noise’ quickly washes out the hum/buzz. Connect the DS dac or phono to input on preamp with XLR and turn up the volume (no signal from source) and when I get to 70 I start to hear the hum/buzz increase. When I hit exactly 85 the buzz/hum can be easily heard 15 feet away. Change the preamp to an unused input and it goes back to just the white noise. Preamp/dac/phono are on the Dectet and on same outlet as amp. Have tried cheater plug and various combinations of plugging in units, but always get the 84-85 hum/buzz increase.

Having the pre at 85 is very loud and there is a lot of gain in the system. Are you listening to the system at 85?

No not with the dac, would probably blow up my room. Phono I may get into the 70s. The 85 was with no signal and I was just listening for any problems with equipment setup /placement or whatever. So at 85 with that gain level should I be experiencing this rise in buzz/hum or should I be checking for other issues?

Had the same amps, preamp and DAC. A slight noise for the tweeters is not unusual. The sweet spot for the preamp volume control is between 50 and 70, depending on the level of the music source. However, I had my DS DAC set to 86 in order be able to set the BHK Preamp in the 50 to 70 volume range. Others have suggested the DS DAC volume be set between 80 and 95.

Only once did I accidentally raise the BHK preamp’s volume above 80 and my BHK 300s went into protection mode.

I don’t have the 300’s but I do have the BHK pre and I agree 50-70 is a good range. For myself and my system even 45-65 is best. I have my DS Dac set at 92 for the volume using Sunlight.

Getting a bit of noise with the volume up that high is not abnormal. Specially considering if you were actually playing music, you’d never know it was there because the music would be so loud!

I would consider something awry if you can hear considerable noise in your listening position when the volume is set around where you listen.

Ok, so is 85 a magic number for the preamp or is it just in my world?

Hum and noise are always a distraction for me.

You mentioned that you tried cheater plugs and various combinations of plugging in units.
More often than not for me, hum is caused by a missing ground connection.
I would check to be certain that everything is grounded.
I do not recommend lifting ground.

And as mentioned, to much gain in the wrong place can lead to noise.
You may have to take a look at adjusting some levels through the single path.

Cheater plug was just for testing purposes. No lifted grounds here.

Thanks for everyones input. I reconnected everything. I am now going to pour myself a glass of bourbon and listen to some music.


Yeessss! YEEESSSS! Let the music take you :+1:

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Man, I wish my work day was over so I could do the same! Enjoy!

Heck, Paul won’t know right?