I love my Psaudio upgrades...but

I have to be the first to say that Paul is honest about his evaluation of my system. Everything he suggested has been an amazing upgrade. First the BHK preamp replacing my Bryston BP26 preamp. Wow, what a difference. Then the BHK 300’s replacing my Classe CAM200’s , again wow what an upgrade. I just sit back and am amazed…Thank you Paul.

However, I’m a little nervous about the preamp and amplifiers. First the preamp display went blank and stayed blank till I shut the power off in the back and turned it all on (not easy in my rack). According to Steve at Psaudio, problem solved.

Now my left BHK 300 when I turn it on goes click/clunk…when the right amp just goes click. Still sound wonderful, but I’m a nervous person, just my personality. What happens when my 3 year warranty is up.

My plan was to purchase a pair of FRS20’s to replace my B&W’s. My thinking is that all from one manufacturer will sound as intended.

But now I’m nervous… any thoughts?

Speakers and electronics are two different things. For a speaker to “break down” generally you have to do something wrong. Many of us have still perfectly functioning speakers from the 70’s and 80’s as we haven’t done anything to cause them harm. So whatever nervousness you may have about the BHK electronics should have no bearing on buying the FR20’s. In fact later in the year when the dust has settled from our interstate move I plan on buying a pair myself.

As to your BHK 300 noise, swap the tubes between amps and see if the odd noise follows the tubes.


The noise is instantaneously when i press the blue switch. Don’t think it has anything to do with the tubes. But what do I know…seriously

As dawkinsj said, speakers can last a very long time; mine are slightly over 20 years old so I wouldn’t worry about them.

I’ve owned a number of PS Audio components over the years. I’ve only experienced one problem, a regenerator board that failed in my P5. It was long out of warranty but PSA gave me a very good deal to trade it in for a newer model. (They would have repaired it also, but I chose to use this as an opportunity to upgrade.) In general, PSA seems to do well in supporting service (when needed) on older equipment.

I wouldn’t worry about your preamp unless it starts exhibiting this symptom frequently. But I would call PSA service about the click/clunk on your amp — that does not sound healthy.

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I already called them about the preamp. I don’t want to viewed as a problem customer.

Also note that the FR20’s were voiced with PS Audio pre and power amps.
And they do work nicely together.


I have to admit that PS Audio customer service always helped during last years. James and Paul himself always answered quickly my questions , solved my problems and if needed sent me parts and units to replace faulty stuff.
And I live on the other side of the world, theoretically I would had to be helped by the importer but PS Audio always supported me.

Great staff, great people! Don’t be nervous at all!




Since O.P. already has a BHK Pre & BHK300’s, going for the FR20 speakers is a no brainer.

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