Gary Wright - RIP

Dave Pack posted this on his FB page:

Goodbye Gary Wright. With a heavy sigh, I sadly send my love to Gary’s wife, Rose, Gary’s son, Dorian Wright, and extended family. My friend Gary Wright ascended to heaven. I loved our time together, especially when Gary was in my all-star band.
But, I cherished Gary as my neighbor that I had for so many years. He would walk to my house with a bag of fresh tomatoes from his garden with his gardening hat. That’s the real Gary, a smile on face, wanting to share with his neighbor. That’s the spirit that wrote those classic songs. Playing piano on every single George Harrison solo album. I truly believe Gary is in paradise and he and George are already working on new music.


Gary has climbed aboard the Dream Weaver train. Rest easy my friend and I will see you on the bright side of the moon.