Getting connected

Several days ago I promised I’d tell you how I connected the mystery subwoofer to the system and why. The subwoofer is a sealed box powered subwoofer I am auditioning from a local company and it is really an excellent […]


Paul, you may have a typo in your piece today (see below). First you say that high-level inputs on a subwoofer are “RCA connectors”; then you say they would be “speaker binding posts” (if the subwoofer has high-level inputs):

“So what is a high level input? Basically you take the output of your power amplifier and feed it into the RCA connectors on the back of the subwoofer… So if your sub has high level inputs – which will look like speaker binding posts…”

Second typo:

"Because you’re using the output of your power amplifier to feed the sub, whatever sonic qualities your sub imparts on the music will be transferred to your subwoofer."

The second use of ‘sub’ should be ‘amp’ - yes?

Only two typos?? Not a bad day, was it? :smiley: Paul’s typo count goes up and down over the weeks, driven by his current workload and excitement over the subject of the day. It’s part of the entertainment value of his posts. :slight_smile:


Yup, got me. Thanks for the correction.

Well, you guys live in a litigious country, so we are just watching out for you!