Subwoofer speaker level input connection method

Hi all, glad to be here, this is my first post. I’m adding a pair of subs to my stereo system and I plan on using the speaker level inputs as is typically recommended by folks like Paul. My question is this: Is it better to run new (longer) speaker cables all the way from the amp to the sub inputs OR use much shorter jumpers from the main speakers over to the subs? It seems to me that either way would be appropriate but still wanted to check with those in the know. Thanks for your input and ideas.

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Welcome, good question. I run long cables off the B posts and don’t like the idea of jumpers but can’t say for certain they’d be a detrimental solution. Cheers, Jim

Jumpers are fine. Remember, it’s only a signal for the sub, it’s not driving the sub directly.

To add to this, one only needs a lightweight bit of wire to connect to the sub, not speaker cables.

I run long wires from the amp, but jumpers would work just fine.

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Try it both ways and stick with the one that sounds best to you. :grin:

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I’m not ashamed to say that in all the posts and threads I’ve read about speaker-level subwoofer inputs, this is the FIRST time I’ve ever heard of the concept of connecting them using short jumper wires from the main speakers to the subs.

(ok I’m kind of ashamed)

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Thanks for the replies. My thinking behind using jumpers from the speakers is 1) the speaker level sub inputs are such high impedance my guess is they’re electrically invisible to the other components and 2) since my amp binding posts and speaker wires are spades I can just use wires with banana plugs to connect the subs and not be stacking spade connectors on top of one another. On the other hand running a set of wires all the way from the amp is sort of like bi-wiring a speaker and as i understand there are some advantages to that set-up.

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It is such a high impedance signal that a sub sees that is does not matter either way.

Ok, i’m bumping this up in light of my current subwoofer purchase scenario.

I have a Parasound HINT6 integrated amp going into a pair of Magnepan .7’s. I’m looking at a pair of REL T/5i subs.

I’ve got RCA’s running to my current subs, but they don’t have the option of high-level inputs. Speakers are far enough away from the amp, and right next to the subs, so I’d LOVE to just do the jumper connection from the mains to the RELs.

So, has anyone done jumpers from Magnepans to RELs?