High vs low lever subwoofer connection


I have a pair of Stellar m1200 connected to a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE preamp, driving Magnepan 1.7i speakers. In addition, I use a Zu audio undertone mk2 subwoofer which is connected to one of the rca outputs on the preamp (the m1200 amps are connected through the xlr outputs).
Is there any advantage in connecting the sub through
the high level inputs to the power amps instead of to the preamp?



See this.

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The advantage is that you can use your sub on a 5.0 SACD when you don’t have a x.1 channel on the SACD disc.
So, the best would bee, IMO, to have both, like I have.
Connect with RCA when you play 5.1 SACDs, to get the best bass from them, and connect with High Level when you play music that don’t have a x.1 channel.

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I don’t know much about inputs and outputs so this may be some silly question. If I connect my power amp to 4 ohm speakers and the sub woofer in parallel will that put too much load on the power amp?

It will have no impact.