Subwoofer Outputs On PS Audio Preamps

Hey All!

My first post. I have been lurking and learning for a while. Have also been watching all of the “Ask Paul” videos on YouTube.

When Paul is asked about subs, he responds with an enthusiastic, “Yes”! However, I notice that none of the preamps have outputs for subs. Why is this the case?

Thanks for any input.

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You don’t really need pre-amp labelled outputs for subs.

If you sub supports high level input then you use something like speaker cables connected directly to your power amp, low level inputs use RCA connectors to a pre’s pre-outs.

What kind of sub do you have?

i have a rel t/7i subwoofer. it has one low level input, no left and right. my speakers are powered internally and use line level input only. i borrowed a friend’s preamp, thinking i could just use a splitter off of the preamp, but when i do, something really weird happens. the whole sound stage collapses, sounds like an am radio and everything moves to the center giving the impression that i am in mono mode. hence, i am looking for a preamp with at least 2 left and right outputs.