GigaFOIL Ethernet Filter Has Launched


@cardri I did buy one of these Giga FOIL filters to try out and it should arrive on Monday. Now I am wondering if it would be better to place it before the DSJr instead of before the Nucleus? I saw somewhere that they recommended it at the end of the signal line.
I should add that I am staying with my netgear switch for now.


DJM Electronics recommended at the Nucleus+ Input with the shortest possible cable. The reason why I complete reconfigured my set-up to make sure I had it before the Nucleus+ and also able to use 25cm cable. If you are staying with Netgear switch, then definitely after the switch and before the Nucleus+.


In my case the music is stored on my NAS not on the Nuc so for me it might be better connected to the DSJr as that is the end point of the data stream. I am also just using plain ole’ Amazon CAT5 cables.


Interesting, I would try it at the DSJr then because it is the endpoint in that case… I might try it there myself to see if there is a difference. The mounting plate I designed is easily reconfigurable for that approach.


It’s a lot easier for me as I just have a pile of equipment and a jungle of cables :grin:


All good, I would just swap the cables for placing it between the AQVOX-SE switch and the PSA DS DAC. I might even get away with using the 25cm AQVOX CAT 7 cable from Giga FOIL to PSA DS DAC. let me measure to see it I can do that easily. DJM Electronic guide says shortest cable possible…

Just checked and my 50cm AQVOX-SE CAT7 cable will work quite nicely. I can swap them really easy in this configuration to test out the best implementation. Thanks for reaching out.

Yeah, since the real endpoint is the PSA DS DAC, it seems that would be the best place. The AQVOX-SE has great filtering; however, you want the Giga FOIL right next to the “protected” piece of gear. Yeah, this will be fun…, just swap the cable and listen.

Also, since my AQVOX-SE LPS was swapped out for the Sbooster (5V) LPS, I am going to A/B the AQVOX-SE (5V) and Giga FOIL (5V) LPS before my Sbooster (5V) come in mid-APR delivery date. There will be plenty of time to compare.

I also bought a Shunyatta Anaconda CX (1.8m, 20A) power cable that will be in next week. This will be a great FEB/MAR for SQ analysis… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info and feedback. I am using my jungle of interconnects and cables as an excuse to keep anything from being parallel for too much distance…yeah I’m going with that.


Yeah, yeah… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it… :slight_smile: The nice thing of doing everything from the start with zero closet full of stereo crap is that you can block diagram it all out… I figure in a few years I will have the closet full of crap that badbeef talks about. Right now it looks very neat… Give me time… :slight_smile:


I just took some measurements. If I flip the Giga FOIL IN/OUT & drop the Giga FOIL mount plate from PSA DS DMP shelf (rear) to the PSA DS DAC shelf (rear), I believe I can accommodate the 25cm AQVOX CAT7 cable. This also saves on all those holes to drill for cable egress if plate was located at rear of PSA DS DMP shelf.

Rack w/ Giga FOIL Filter -


Got the Giga FOIL filter mounting plate this afternoon. After drilling the mount holes, de-burring and smoothing, I have a coat of black on one side. The 25cm AQVOX CAT7 cable has not shipped yet. Since it is coming from Holland, looks like I have plenty of time to properly finish the mounting plate, install it and just wait for the cable. I should have pics by early next week.


My 25cm AQVOX Excel cable just shipped yesterday. I ordered it the same day as my GigaFOIL.

I envy your ability to design and obtain materials to create truly custom/tidy setups.


Jeff - Like I was telling Baldy, I started with a clean sheet of paper less than a year ago. Therefore, I did not have all the stereo crap in the closet as badbeef says… wait a year and I will smultz it up… I love this sport; not real time so I put together a configuration and beat on it… Baldy helped me by making a suggestion, next thing I know I’m on the 3rd revision. Like design review… all fun… I’m a geek and love modeling stuff… then ordering a custom 0.25in plate (21in X 3.5in), cost $25 w/ shipping and if I bought standard stock I would just butch up the cut so there you have it… like a kid building model cars… we never grow old, right?

So cool your cable is on its way!

I have a 24in CAT7 cable w/ Telegartner J45 connectors on each end I built last year (in the closet) that I’m “jonesing” to try out waiting for the AQVOX-SE CAT7 cable. I think I’m just going to have fun painting and prepping the plate and attaching the zip ties (Giga FOIL filter) over the next week+. Mounting the plate in the back and just waiting for the 25cm cable to be delivered.

I just erased my Nucleus+ NAS (1TB SSD); installed 600 high res & 60 SACD (dsf) albums. BOOYA, it’s Christmas in FEB! Love the high res files on my system from the NAS. I put together a playlist of over 200 Fleetwood Mac songs and let it run shuffle all day today for my lovely wife. Her favorite band and Stevie Nicks is her favorite female vocalist.

Mounting holes drilled and one coat paint…


And great taste she has!! :ok_hand:

Thanks to you, I ordered several pairs of Telegartner connections from AudioQuest and built a 30 foot Cat 7 ethernet cable based on your recommendation/encouragement. I have built countless standard terminated ethernet cables and they are such a pain in the ass that I didn’t even want to deal with it for this long Cat 7 cable. I was prepared to spend the money. But you were absolutely right, those Telelgartner connectors are a DIY’ers dream! I now have a very high-quality, long Cat 7 cable from my router to the AQVOX SE switch that didn’t break the bank.

The plate is looking great!


Jeff - yeah, the Telegartner J45 connectors are soooo easy to install… pliers, dikes, and blade and you are done… the correction board is so easy…


I just finished the plate and mounted it in the back of the rack. The black zip ties are the bomb. Now I can reconfigure the rack with ease. Also, the Giga FOIL filter output is 4in vertical from the DAC input. I’m going to use the 25cm AQVOX CAT7 cable coming from AQVOX. However, I’m tempted to use the short CAT7 cable I built w/ Telegartner J45 connectors just sitting in my cables box in the closet…:slight_smile: After the plate installation I have to reseat the HF chokes; will secure them with tiny zip ties. In addition I think I’m going to custom cut a few blocks for the PSA AC12 connectors. Before adding the Isoacoustic isolators under each component I found a great use for the extra PSA remotes; however, now that is just a storage place, need to add the custom blocks to better orient the AC12 power connectors and prohibit droop over time.

So, next step is to remove the AQVOX CAT7 Ethernet cable from the DS DAC input and move it to the Giga FOIL filter input. Then install the 25cm AQVOX CAT7 cable from the Giga FOIL filter output to the DS DAC input. Add the Giga FOIL filter LPS from the PSA P20 power plant to the filter +5V input.


  1. Test the CAT7 cable (50cm) I made for the Giga FOIL output to DS DAC input.
  2. Replace the 50cm CAT7 cable (I built) with the AQVOX CAT7 cable when it arrives (few weeks) to determine the SQ.
  3. Test the AQVOX LPS (+5V) in place of the Giga FOIL filter LPS to see what LPS is better
  4. Replace winner of AQVOX/Giga FOIL LPS SQ with Sbooster LPS (5V) when it arrives (APR) and test the SQ of the Sbooster.


So, after installation of the Giga FOIL filter w/ my CAT7 cable (50cm) and using the Giga FOIL filter LPS… Holy crap! I installed it between the AQVOX-SE switch and PSA DS DAC. Yes, clarity is the first result. At this point I have no interest in TT or DMP, just streaming. The DMP will become a novelty, started that way after the Nucleus+… Still have a few more experiments with AQVOX 25cm cable, AQVOX LPS, and Sbooster LPS. Right now I have a big old grin. Need some G&T to prolong the moment. Hendricks with a twist of lime, or not…:cowboy_hat_face: The bonus was listening to 101 Jazz (mp3 station) I usually put on in the background on weekends and Holy crap. NFW an internet station sounds that good and then I played my usual JB Radio 2 (16/192) and BOOYA… OK… I think I bit the shill cookie… :cookie:


I am very eager to learn more about your LPS experiment and perceptions. The $550 spent on this GigaFOIL was some of the best money I have spent in recent months, maybe years. If the LPS is worth the extra coin, lets finish this project proper!


… which I do and has a much higher noise floor than ethernet run over a bog standard 30m CAT5 cable that runs over the roof of my house without any TP Link or other box of tricks, the vinyl kit costing several times more than the digital kit.


Love your enthusiasm, Sir.

I am enamored with the concept of the GigaFoil black (silver) box. I currently use the TP-Link/optical cable approach to isolate the feed from my modem/router to my gigabit switch (and then to my DS Sr.).

You strike me as a critical listener so I was hoping you would share some specifics about the GigaFoil’s effectiveness and impact in you system once it has had a chance to settle in with some significant listening time under your belt.

Whatever specific description of its effect on sound quality/musicality you care to share would be much appreciated – when you are ready.



I was hoping @cardri would share some details about the impact of the GigaFOIL in response to a request (see my post above).

You are also apparently pleased with your purchase. Now that you have some hours in, care to share some specifics about its efficacy and impact on the music in your system…?

Thanks in advance for your consideration.