Gold or not gold, that's the question

I watched a PS Audios video: “Do exotic parts matter in audio?” and then saw an article about the P15 and the P20 that had this text:

“The P20 is all new in design and construction. Instead of wires to route power, there are aerospace-grade pure-copper, 1/4″ thick gold-plated buss bars handling all current paths.”

And that made me curious about the P15
Do the P15 have the same thick “Gold bars” or do it have small thin alu-bars instead?

I remeber that I’ve had linked to a place earlier that have a picture of the inside of the P15 so I took a look at that picture and it looks like thick gold bars anyway so it should bee the same.

The latter, though they are certainly not aluminum. The bus bars in both products are copper and then plated so they don’t oxidize. The P20 has thicker bars and are gold plated while the P15 has thinner bars that are nickel plated.

Ok. It seems that the P20 is more “Bang For the Buck” because it’s not that big difference in price between the P15 and P20 but you get quite much for those bucks the P20 costs more.

Well well, you can’t have it all, both lower price and gold.