Quick review of my first PS audio gear, the p20

or am I crazy?


Wait to you upgrade the power cord between it and the wall.


Same impression for me on my P12.
Yeap, both of us are crazy. :slight_smile:


No crazier than the rest of us. Not that that’s much consolation. I was startled at the difference between my old P10 and the P20.

It is nutty the difference upgrading a PowerPlant makes.


Congratulations on your new P20!! :wave: :+1: :+1: :grin:

Guf you ain’t crazy…the difference the P20 makes is in deed a wowo factor…
As aangen said upgrade the stock power cord from P20 to wall and P20
to power amp and sources…

Power cords will juice up power delivery and more wows will ensue!!!

Best wishes


I am jumping on the same train with the P20 and a power cord upgrade. I was startled how the P20 and my system responded to better, and better ($) cables.


Now that you guys are in this rabbit hole, don’t forget the fuse also. I find that a better fuse also really helps the sound of the regenerators.


My p15 is great :slight_smile:
I actually plugged my LG OLED into it and could have sworn that it looked so much better.

I mentioned it in an email to PS audio when asking about something else on the P15 and the reply was fascinating. Ps audio said they used to plug TVs into the power regenerators at shows with a comparison TV next to it plugged into the wall outlet. They said that people would make them go into the settings of the TV to show that the settings were the same because the difference was so drastic.

Power cables help for sure (Cerious here). I have a SR orange fuse in mine and did think I heard something, but could be my imagination as well haha. I tend to go into a frenzy for upgrades and do too many things at once to be able to know which one made the biggest difference. >.<

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It’s not your imagination. How much difference you can hear with these aftermarket fuses would depend on the resolution level of your system. I went back and forth on the P20 between stock fuse, SR Orange fuse, and Beeswax Ultimate Premier fuse, and the sound was clearer and clearer with each upgrade, probably because what I feel is a lower and lower noise that mixes with the signal level.


And fun but, albeit expensive “wabbit hole”

Best wishes ya’ll


I found similar wowness further down the ladder - big improvements going from a P500 to the P3 Stellar.