Good essay on “Can’t Buy a Thrill” UHQR

He’s a unique voice if nothing else.

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Where online can I purchase one ?

Music Direct is one place, if the record is still in stock.

If you have no luck locating one a local record store may still have a copy or two. If interested drop me a PM.

Acoustic Sounds lists it as in stock. They’re good folks there.

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Plus Analogue Productions is Acoustic Sounds’ record label so they are as close to the source as you can get.

I’m waiting for the SACD, if it ever materializes. Can’t say publicly what I feel about these Steely Dan reissues on vinyl…

The Can’t Buy a Thrill SACD? It’s available now from Acoustic Sounds…


,and the SACD is Thrilling. :slight_smile:

They do seem to be slow dripping these. Just ordered the new Tull SACDs by Analogue Productions, 2 favorites Stand Up and Aqualung. Add Songs from the Wood and Thick as a Brick and we’re talking.

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As others have said, the SACD is out now. I’ve had my copy for several weeks. And it does sound great, but musically it’s not near the top of my Dan list.


I have the UHQR LP and I disagree with the author’s impression. This is not the best vinyl record I’ve ever heard. In my opinion, it’s disappointing, as is the music. As Craig mentioned above, they created much better music than this, i.e. Aja.

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That’s good to know–I was checking their site regularly for a while, but gave up, especially given the flurry of activity here lately (scrambling to make deadlines before a 2+ week road trip).

It’s not my top SD pick either, but a few of the tracks are among my favorites. And all the SDs, except Everything Must Go, are essentials in my library.

I feel that way about the Thriller LP and SACD reissues from MoFi. I feel they’re too polite and “audiophiley” and worst of all, they’ve lost the excitement, life and punch that the original LP release has (which I’ve owned since the first week or so it was released). To put it another way, it sounds nice, but it’s no longer propulsive like it was in its original release. (Even the review over at TAS had buried in the text–it’s like some of the excitement has gone out of the room.)

I did my own shootout and honestly, I’d rather pay $40-$50 on a sealed, original Bernie Grundman mastering over what MoFi did to their version of it. (Thankfully I only borrowed the MoFi versions of each…no way I’ll ever spend $100 on a record…especially at 33⅓ and not 45 RPM.)

Ordered mine yesterday !

A fun album in its day, but not worth the UHQR outlay. At least to these ears.

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It’s good music, just not their best work. This is the sort of album that I’d buy in CD and play for background music; my UHQR expenditure was wasted imo.

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And… I’ll have to disagree with RonP. Maybe not SD’s best, but surely excellent music by any standard. Also, it’s the best recording of this album I’ve ever heard. Highly recommended. I also have “Countdown to Ecstasy” which is one of my favorite SD albums and that’s also excellent in terms of recording SQ. Pricey yes, but finding top SD recordings has been a huge challenge for me when you want some early stuff beside Aja and Gaucho.

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Also, “Royal Scam” is a very likely purchase when that’s available in UHQR format.

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I love Can’t Buy A Thrill! One of my all time favorite albums. Brings back great memories from high school in the 70’s.

For kicks, I got ahold of the recent Geffen vinyl reissue. I’m still waiting to get the SACD, but will compare sonics once I get one. The Geffen (UMe, aka Universal) is actually a decent quality pressing for once–not off-center, no noise that I can make out, and not a scratch or scuff on it anywhere. As I understand it, Bernie Grundman mastered the digital version, and this version was cut from the digital. Yeah I’d have preferred an analog source, but I’m guessing that for licensing reasons (Analogue Productions getting first crack at it), it worked out that UMe could only release a digitally-sourced vinyl. I think UMe will be doing the remainder of the SD albums, but probably won’t know until they are actually released.

I thought this record was a bit dull sounding. But, I’ve also noticed in the past six weeks or so that everything is sounding a bit soft to me, regardless of which system I use. So it’s a moot point. And my tinnitus is acting up worse as I get older too, I’ve noticed. There are days that if I listen to anything beyond a low-key volume, my ears start “distorting” as the tinnitus “pulses” with the music.

What’s really scaring me is that I first discovered the album after having owned Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly when it originally came out, then worked my way into the Steely Dan catalog around 1985 or so. This album was only 13 years at that point; it’s now 50 years old. 50 years…

My SD experience is a little different from most people’s, too. I bought “Thrill” when the LP was first released, based on hearing “Do It Again” and “Reeling in the Years” on the radio. Turned out they were the only songs I really liked (I was not an open-minded listener at that time), so it wasn’t long before I sold it, and then avoided SD for several years. Finally, a very good friend kind of forced me, face-first, into “Aja.” Then I began to work my way backwards in their catalog. “Thrill” is still far from my favorite, but from this perspective I can recognize and appreciate it better because I can hear the seeds of the Becker-Fagen sound taking root. So that gives it a little more historical interest for me.