Comparing different vinyl masterings or releases of the same album

Might be interesting for some…
If you want you can surely also write about a comparison with a digital version or original first pressing LP”s. Or if you want you can ask for a comparison someone might have made.

Steely Dan, Everything must go
RSD 2021 180g vs. German release 2003 180g

The 2003 release sounds a little better with nicer/deeper colored bass and slam as well as less flat in voices. Those are small differences.

Quincy Jones, The Dude
Nautilus LP vs. UMG 2021 180g release

The old Nautilus Grundman mastering sounds clearly better, more 3D, deeper colored bass and slam, more open with a very tiny hint of sibliance the UMG doesn’t have.

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Steely Dan, Two against nature
Unauthorized year 2000 vs. RSD 2021 vinyl

The unauthorized release has a little more open top end, but the noticeably better dynamics, slam and energy of the new RSD release make it the overall better one.

This recording generally is gorgeous, made to play loud.