Got my Airlens today...Bummer

Received it Friday at 4:30. Roon core sees it on the network but says it is not certified by Roon. This is a pretty big bummer.

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Thanks but where is the update? Roon is the latest.

It’s an AIRLENS update. Apparently some shipped with out the latest firmware. See directions in above post image.

Connect the AL to your network, then follow the procedure. The AL automatically downloads the firmware.

Sorry…what above post image? My question is at the top of the page.-

Post from mycrowaveAir Lens Beta in this thread

He was one of the Beta testers.

Here is the image of the instructions:

He says you have to connect the AL to your network before updating. And do a reboot from AL and Roon core once done.
ope this helps.


Thanks guys. I’ll give it a shot!


Sorry @mark.coleman , I didn’t realize you wouldn’t click on the image link. Thanks, @67Checker for bringing the image out.


So with the help from Beta guys my new Airlens is up and pumping! Indeed it was a firmware issue. Listening now to Nina Simone with the AL connected to the DWDS MK2. Holy mackerel! It really IS a big step above my Node 2 with Teddy Pardo LPS. Very deep soundstage, wide too. Black background. Yeah I’m digging all the tunes out to enjoy. Thanks Paul and crew!



You bet! Glad you got it sorted out. Wait until it breaks in a bit! You ain’t heard nuthin’ yet.


I had a Bluesound and thought it was magnificent software on a very mediocre hardware platform - a pretty mid-fi streamer/DAC, but very well priced at around $600. I’ve just put a TP LPS in a muc( more expensive unit with very good results.

Just curious as to what is the current two firmware versions as of Fri Sep 22?
Thanks to all.

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I believe the current firmware version is 4.3.67.

Hopefully, someone else will stop by and confirm my understanding.


You might want to spend some time over here:


I have 4.3.71 on mine and it says “latest”.


@pmotz is correct.

I went to the settings page for the AirLens in the mconnect app and a software update available message was displayed.

I updated the firmware to 4.3.71 through the application.