Touch up paint for PS Audio products?

I sent support an email inquiring about this - but does anyone have any suggestions or success/failure stories for touching up black PS Audio products? I’m looking to cover a few minor scuffs on a DSD DAC, black. There is always the old Sharpie trick, but I wanted something more “professional” and longer lasting if such a thing is possible. Scuffed the darn thing taking it out of this ridiculous “rack” that my wife insists I use in the living room. It’s got these metal bars and JUST enough clearance to slide the DAC between them.

Any help very much appreciated.

If it’s the top, you can treat it like auto paint and you can buff out minor scuffs. Support may sell you a new lid if you can’t polish it out.

Thanks. It’s not the top I’m worried about. I used some of this stuff for that - (I highly recommend this over Armorall for any use, BTW )

I figured the microscratches that the top collects (kind of like the finishes in my car) was just something that I had to accept. Would your method work for those (as opposed to actual scratches) for the top?

The scratch I’m asking about here is actually on the front, kind of on the top edge of the metal that’s painted black.

I always start with a black marker. If the scuff is small it should blend in. If it’s larger, the markers actually seem to have some blue in the pigment and the scuff might reflect a different color. Still better than bare metal.

Ha ha exactly - the light blue or purple tint is what I’m trying to get rid of. Someone in a different forum recommended a particular brand of marker brand name “Deluxe” but I can’t find them anywhere. I’m hesitant to try black satin auto touch up paint for fear that it’ll stand out more than the scuffs.

Hopefully PS Audio will have an idea for something that might work. My old speakers had a gouge in the black ash finish. The furniture repair man who fixed them with a grain matched veneer patch told me that you wouldn’t believe how many shades of black there are. He told me that if he couldn’t match the finish that he would have to strip and refinish both speakers. Fortunately he got it to match and you had to look close to see where the patch was.

The black finish used by PS Audio is a powder coat that is baked on, so finding a good match will likely be difficult.

You might try one of the wood repair paint stick type markers. A local lumber yard or big box store should have a large variety. You could also look at the automotive touch up paint selection at a local auto parts store. I am reasonably sure these components are powder coated which is hard to match texture wise. If you know someone in a larger auto body shop they can scan the color and custom mix but it may be cost prohibitive. A pinstripe dagger brush would work well for the application but may be more than you want to get started on. :grinning:

Edit - PSA may sell you a new case if you ask.

Sharpie is what I’ve already tried. Is this intended to mean that there are a different variety of oil-based Sharpie?

PS Audio didn’t have any paint or recommendations, unfortunately. They did offer the option of shipping it in for a new faceplate, but it’s not bad enough to warrant that.

In general, figured by 2019 we’d have some new ideas as a society, LOL. Been using the Sharpie trick since the 80s.

Dude…no kidding. And you only figure this out after you start trying to match…BLACK. I mean, how hard could it possibly be, you think to yourself at first. Nearly impossible is the answer!

There are various Sharpie options, just wanted to be sure you were aware of the oil based paint ones.

I have taken equipment to an auto body shop before. They can paint match really well and you get a professional finish, but they want to do the whole panel, so it wouldn’t work on a face plate.

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