Happy 4th of July!

Lest we forget, it’s not about the barbecue…


Thanks for reminding us Ron…

Some gave some, some gave all…

Happy 4th everyone!

Best wishes


but some of our neighbors will get revenge with explosives for the loud audio pounding from our home

Absolutely Ron, peace through sacrifice. My wife and I are laying low on the celebrating this year. We were a couple blocks from the shooting in Highland Park last 4th of July. It’s still weird to walk our own downtown and we can’t do gatherings there for now. We personally know three people who are still recovering from wounds from that event. I can’t imagine the heartache for those who lost loved ones.
Sorry for being a downer on this occasion and making it personal but that’s how it is.


Your reactions are entirely understandable.

Who would not understand the effect of that trauma, especially right in one’s neighborhood.

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Yes, but the barbecue didn’t hurt. :wink: