Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow Veteran Audiophiles!


Thank you for your service.

Thanks! 11 years active US Air Force and 11 years Illinois Air National Guard. Been exchanging texts with old service friends all morning. Others served with which branch and when?


My favorite veterans day article ever. If you’re an old Chicago guy, you know who Mike Royko is. Journalism was different then:



My Royko book collections are among my most treasured volumes. He was a great man.

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From when I was a young man.

Baghdad, Green Zone, Summer 2007

Kabul, Afghanistan, Christmas, 2009 (thus the PT uniform)


Bad ass in a White Sox hat!!

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Had to represent! (That wasn’t part of the uniform and was removed immediately after the photo was taken)


Thank you Veterans, your dedication to your service…!!!

God Bless you !!!

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That’s a good one. I do know of Mike Royko, but I’m not sure from where.

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Very nice! LTC? Major?

Retired as a LtCol. Very blessed to have a few great leaders that took care of me and that put a lot of misplaced faith in my ability to lead. I hope I made them proud.


He was the daily columnist at the Sun Times for many years and left for the Chicago Tribune when the Murdochs bought the Times. His column always appeared top left of page 3.

The number of papers I stole as a kid to read him every day are probably going to keep me in purgatory for years.

Not about Veterans Day but probably one of his most moving columns.

John Kass at the Tribune is his spiritual successor. Very good, old-school reporter.

End of taking this off-topic, as I tend to do.


As someone who never served, but does his bit in his own humble way in Aerospace to put the best possible tools in the hands of our warriors I satute ALL of you who have worn the uniform! So many of us work behind the scenes to help watch your six and my company in particular goes out of its way to employ veterans in our workforce. To every one of you my hat is off. You are the best!!


And one reminder.

Behind every veteran, there is an entire collection of real heroes. Here are mine:


Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

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I was in the U. S. Army 1967-70, assigned to the Defense Information School, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Thanks to you all for your service. That phrase doesn’t say enough. So let me attempt to expand my sincere appreciation by saying, you all are awesome! I raise my glass to you.

MIke with a family that big and beautiful, how did you have time to go overseas? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :older_adult:
From your old buddy Chas

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I served in the U.S. Navy '81-'85 aboard the USS SARATOGA (CV-60). One of my sons also served in the USMC.


What a great thread. Thank you guys.