Happy audiophile day

As Paul’s post said, it’s our day. Listen to your best stuff. I expect I’ll go grab “The Nightfly” on MoFi and slap that baby on the turntable.


Cheers :beers:

Happy audiophile day @Paul and the team, and everyone on here! :slight_smile:

Happy audiophile day indeed!! :musical_score: :notes: :musical_note: :saxophone: :guitar: :musical_keyboard: :violin: :zambia: :speaker: :sound: :loud_sound: :electric_plug: :moneybag: :moneybag: :straight_ruler: :triangular_ruler: :arrow_forward: :fast_forward: :play_or_pause_button:

Happy Audiophile day everyone!


Isn’t every day audiophile day? :wink:


Should be!

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Paul’s post this morning made my wife and me think back to our first system together. Of course, then we had to talk about our progression through the years. :grin: “Remember when we had that?” It’s been fun remembering and playing albums most of the day.

Happy Audiophile Day!


I didn’t realize it at the time, but I indirectly became an audiophile when I saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan show in Februrary 1964. Flash forward to 1971. I graduated from high school in June and started my first job in a factory. A few paychecks later I bought a cheap integrated, Gerrard turntable and speakers at Olson Electronics along with The Beatles Capitol catalog. So began my quest to hear The Beatles as real as possible. 59 years later my quest continues along with the 5000 albums, CD’s, SACD’s, Hi-rez downloads of artists I’ve grown to love, not to mention the thousands of $$$ on electronics and speakers I’ve spent on this quest. It’'s been a long strange trip. Happy Audiophiles Day everybody. I’m in good company.


Boy do I remember those days…

My hs shop teacher had built his son a Heathkit tubed integrated
and i’ll never forget the impact of what I heard when he played
London Phase 4 Rythms of the South Pacific through some
Electrovoice dual concentric with cell horn tweeters.

I had to have one!! So with limited budget I also bought a tubed integrated Heathkit. Made a pair of speaker boxes filled with
with pink insulating material cut into 1" cubes for dampening.
Fitted them with 6’ Olsen extended range speakers…sounded great
for me.

A couple of years later assembled a Heathkit ss receiver where
printed circuit boards had to be populated as well as mounting all other
hardware and point to point wiring and soldering…lots’a fun

As Jack S well said …it has been an interesting trip for me as well.

Happy listening everyone!


Happy Audiophile day 2022 everyone!


my Richard Allen Pavanes (oldest pair of speakers) are 50 this month.
after some TLC a few years ago they sound pretty good, nice warmth, all paper cones so not “HiFi” but still nice to use every couple of weeks for a change :slight_smile: