Happy Cake Day to Paul McGowan!

Happy Cake Day @Paul! Thanks for all that you’ve done and are doing for us.


And many more!

Happy B-Day Paul! :birthday:

Thanks for all you do to further this hobby!

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Cake day is a forum anniversary not birthday tho that would be quite a coincidence if it’s his birthday also!


Still, wishing him many more! Wisdom much appreciated!

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It’s ok. Paul didn’t know what cake day is either. Lol :+1:t2:

May you have a a very Happy birthday Paul…!!
Thanks for everything!!

Best wishes

:slight_smile: Thanks!!!

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Happy Cake Day Paul from Italy, too. You bring the magic in our homes/lives, will never thank you enough!


Happy Birthday Paul! The PSA products have brought back great music from my old CD collection. It has made time much easier to endure for the past couple of years.

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Thanks for all you do.

Even the man who makes this all possible still gets a cake day. Isn’t that a true democracy! Here, here!

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Thanks for great sound, humor and candor!