Paul is the best

Paul being Paul:


LOL. Love it!!

Made my day. Thank you!

Thanks. We’re family. Let’s hang together through this mess. We’ve got our systems, our hearts, our music, and I’ll do my best to add some laughter and positive thoughts.

Thanks for being part of our community.

It matters.



Thanks Paul!

We all greatly appreciate you!

Any fan of Captain Beefheart’s “Trout Mask Replica” LP is okay in my book.


Outstanding! Thanks it made my day! :smile:

Thanks, Paul! Some much needed humor. I think anyone who sees this will feel much better.

Much appreciated. I hesitated at first but the man who put it together did such a great job and we all need a laugh. Especially when we’re staying home and driving ourselves crazy.


And what a gift it is to be able to escape the madness with our music. And it’s the beauty of our systems that allow us to enjoy it to the fullest. PSA take me away…

I can see it now (waves arm in sweeping, 1950’s advertising-guy visionary arc)…hot (person of your sexual preference) in sudsy bathtub, luxuriating. Let the Stellar “Calgon” take you away…


Everybody read Paul’s book 99% True? I wondered what the 1% was, and after extensive phony research, I found out that…his real name isn’t Paul McGowen. It’s… Cyrus McGilacuddy! With that name, I think I’d go by Paul McGowen too.



Cyrus the Great 600 – 530 BC, King of Four Corners of the World

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In Danish we write “Man skal være lidt tosset for at være her”

more love Michael

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Vi er alle lidt tosset her … og det spørger du om…lol Hvilken del af landet kommer du fra? lol

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Jeg er nedenfra og under.
Ikke Lucifers, men den anden side af kloden. hahaha

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Lol og husk det er en tale måde

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Thank you Mike,
I did laugh from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much. Jeg havde hårdt brug for det. Jeg havde det dårligt på arbejdet.


That is somewhat less than 99% true (no “e” in McGowan).

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