Hardware requirement for Snowmass Installation?

Please verify USB 2.0 and memory requirements for the flash drive I need to purchase. TIA

Assuming DSD? Not a USB stick but an SD card of ideally 2GB. Others have had luck with greater capacity. SD Card is inserted with contacts facing upwards.

For the DS Jr or the DS Sr?

The DS Sr needs an SD card, a vanilla one, not a high speed one. 2G or smaller works more reliably but many have used bigger successfully. Has to be formatter as FAT (which may be harder to do on a Mac.)

The DS Jr uses a USB memory stick, I don’t know of a size restriction, but once again I use 2G of smaller.

Sorry, yes for DSJ. Is smaller better? Can I keep multiple upgrades on the same device?

I do keep multiple upgrades on the same device, but packed in their zips. When you unpack a zip to do an upgrade the files all have to be at the root of the drive and some of the files have the same names (but different content) from release to release. You’ll want to remove the drive from the DS/DS Jr after an update to keep the update from happening again on the next power on.

I bought these from Amazon, they work great!

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