Harmony Elite PS Audio code to use?

Hi, I received my Stellar DAC/S300 combo and wanted to use this on my Home Theater. Currently because of no “Trigger In” on the DAC, I have to use both my Harmony Remote and the PS Audio Remote. Not hard for me, but confuses the wife. I also have to have 2 remotes going and I like just having the Harmony out for controlling everything. I am still investigating Harmony Elite PS Audio code to use but struggling to find it. I see that it lists PS Audio in the manufacture box but nothing for the Stellar DAC in the model box. Looking to see if anyone has had luck with a working model code with the Logitech Harmony remote.


Scott Moore

Just as an update because I was unable to find a match for a PS Audio device (strange it had PS Audio as a manufacturer though) I had to manually go button by button to create it. Then delete the ones that don’t exist, it set as an reciever with all kinds of buttons. It works though for power on and off it took 3 times before those 2 buttons worked. That was strange but just incase someone else with a Logitech Harmony remote searches the forums and lands here, I had that issue.

All is working fine now.