SGCD remote triggering my OLED TV


I moved the SGCD + 1200AS2 ice power amp to my living room to replace the 200W NuP integrated after a long burn in. Now a funny thing is happening. When I change inputs on my DAC remote, my 2017 LG OLED TV turns on. Its a bit annoying. Anyone faced the same issue?


Not with those specific components, but my PS Audio P5 Power Plant shared IR codes with my LG TV. It’s a known issue.


PS Audio uses a standard NEC remote code set and registers that set as we should but a few television manufacturers refuse to pay attention to rules and this happens. Sorry.


It can be quite annoying. The worst is that if I hit the wrong button on my LG remote (which can happen by accident since the remote normally resides in a box with other remotes) it shuts off all my PSA gear and I have to wait for everything to reboot. I blame LG for the reasons Paul gave.


Can you run your Smart TV by phone or tablet app? Covering the IR port, and using the app to manage the TV. That’s how I dealt with the P5 & LG TV quandry. Fortunately now, I have a Sony TV.


Thanks. The only LG app I found doesn’t work with my TV. I’ve (mostly) learned which buttons to avoid so it’s not a huge problem.


Thx @stevem2 @Paul @netspecht-2 for your responses. At least I know its not a fault :slight_smile: My OLED has a “magic remote” that my family needs to use, hence I am stuck … maybe I will just live with it.